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Tuesday 17th of March 2020

Unit 1 Virtually Anywhere 

Lesson 1

Step 1

Warmer: think about the subjects you can study at school or university

Step 2

Read quickly the email attached and fill in the gaps. Useful vocabulary for this part of the listening.


Step 3 Watch the video Episode 1 and answer the questions in exercise 2 from the pdf in the link to ckeck your understanding.


Step 4 Vocabulary and grammar

 NB   What +do/does+Subject+ look like? is a question about a person or people´s apparence

What+am/is/are+ Subject +like? is a question about personality or character.

Step 4 Writing activity

Choose a public figure, dead or alive, and briefly describe them using as many personality adjectives you know. No more than 50 words.

Stay safe