Enjoy World Book Day with a good reading!

The World Book is celebrated every 23rd of April, a symbolic date in remembrance of the deaths of two major authors: William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. World Book Day was first designated an international event by UNESCO in 1995. The aim of UNESCO by celebrating this Day is to promote reading, publishing and the protection of copyright.

In UK as well as Ireland, the day is celebrated on the first Thursday of March instead of April 23. April 23 is the St. George’s Day in UK, and therefore, to avoid a clash with it, the day has been moved in UK as well as Ireland.

Crazy Learning Academy is always insisting on the importance of reading when you are learning English. Reading has many long term benefits for all of us but for children is perfect because: develops creativity and imagination; increases attention and concentration; improves communication skills, children who read regularly have greater self-esteem and well-being and reading is fun, relaxing and calming activity.

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         Top Ten reasons to Read

1 Reading helps you become an interesting person.
2 Reading helps you learn how to write correctly.
3 Reading develops your imagination.
4 Reading entertains you.
5 Reading teaches you about things unfamiliar to you.
6 Reading takes you to places you’ve never visited.
7 Reading takes you to times you’ve never experienced.
8 Reading introduces you to people you’ve never met.
9 Reading introduces you to new ideas.
10 Reading is FUN!