Prepare your ideas or your opinions

Use the words and expressions that you know

Expand on your answers! If someone asks you a yes/no question such as ‘Do you enjoy dancing?’, don’t just answer, ‘yes’ – go on and expand on how often you go, who you go with and why you go!

If you make a mistake, it is normal, don’t give up.

Do simple and easy, don’t think about the grammar, think about the idea you would like to express.

Try not to pause too many times when you don’t know how to express something

Keep clam, give yourself time to thinks. Relax!


Teacher’s Comment on personal experience

From my experience as an English teacher I have learned three things that I am using now as my main goals.

  1. English must be easy to learn and fun to practice with, for all the levels. To reach these objectives, we practice all the 4th senses: listening, reading, writing and talking.
  2. Close-fitting with the first is Learning English as we all learn our mother tongue: listening, imitating and repeating.
  3. The last one but very important too, is framing English classes according to each person`s need.

Accomplishing all these goals, made me the person I am today.